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Mobile Development

At MyGlu, we strive to be the trusted advisor for our clients in everything that our clients may need consultation about. We help turn our clients’ ideas into products and massive success by putting the extensive modernization, digitization and integration ecosystem to work that we have established over past many years. We have helped many Enterprise, Commercial and Household brands by providing Services, Application Development (Andriod/IOS/Windows/Linux) , Cross-Platform Integration, IT Systems Integration etc. At MYGLU, our motto is to eliminate all administrative overheads and inefficiencies by deploying technology to leverage the human capital in the best way possible.

Web Development

MyGlu Development Services provides Web Portal & Application Design/Deployment/Maintenance services to incorporate your existing IT Solutions, Software, Utilities (E-Payment Platforms etc.) and Business Execution into a single platform. We have helped many of our clients eliminate manual information exchange points, Antiquated IT systems, Process Inefficiencies resulting in significant reduction in Operational Expenses. No Project is too small for us. Please reach out via Contact Us Link below.

Some of the major categories, we have deployed solutions for our clients include:

  • E-Commerce (Online Shopping Sites)
  • Interactive Websites
  • Content Management System
  • Educational Portal

Cloud Development

At MyGlu, we believe in staying a step ahead of your business need as they pop up. With the times we live in now, Cloud-based solutions have attracted so many of our clients due to the agility, scale and ease of use they offer. Cloud-Based solutions have eliminated location-based dependency for our clients, thus enabling them to perform their job responsibilities or administrative tasks from the comfort of their home or anywhere else in the world.

Cloud-Based infrastructure provides:

  • Disaster Recovery (Multi Data Center Replication)
  • Data and Application Backups
  • Security and Access Control
  • Scale – Expand to WW with few clicks
  • Convenient Monthly bill vs. Thousands of $$$ upfront
  • Your infrastructure is kept up-to-date without you ever worrying about it

Without having to spend in expensive physical infrastructure sitting at expensive Data Center sites.

MyGlu has helped many of its clients around the world with their journey to cloud transition. Please reach out to us to explore what Cloud can do for your organization.

IOT Development

With Edge Devices in every individual’s pocket, Office space, Work, Car etc. It has now become increasingly important to leverage the power of internet to reach out to your customers/employees without any other party involved in the middle. It is also equally important to have an ecosystem view on devices that are connected to the internet that are relevant to sending this message across.

MyGlu can make that happen where we can help send the message directly to your existing customers, targeted customers, employees while automating and integrating everything else that is relevant in the form of IoT devices etc.